by Global Crash

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These are songs that I created throughout 2008-2013, tracks 1-7 recorded/created between 2008-2010, tracks 8-10 recorded/created between 2011-2013. I put together this idea for this album in June of 2015, of some of my best, and favorite songs that represent a positive vibe. Thus I put them all together with the concept of "UTOPIA
: Electronic Psychedelia Songs For Summer". I have always loved getting an album, falling in love with it, and listening to it incessantly in the Summer time, and that album in turn becomes your Summer soundtrack that can shape your memories, reflect your mood, and when heard again years later, can conjure those same memories, feelings, moments emotions and experiences all over again like opening up an old photo album, or like a perfume, fragrance or familiar smell that evokes a memory. I have tried to create my own Summer album with this release for you to enjoy, with songs of mine that I compiled into this release that showcase a variety of psychedelic electronic music in a few different genres like ambient, electronica, idm, ethereal, big beat, dub, breakbeat, downtempo, chill-out, house, trance, edm, ebm, and trip hop that I feel is a cohesive piece that can be listened to from beginning to end that hopefully can be enjoyed in a multitude of settings and moods, during this Summer and beyond!!!!!
I chose the name UTOPIA for this album, because when I was a kid in writing class at school, the teacher asked us to write down words that described Summer in the letters of SUMMER, like S for Sunny, etc. For the letter U, I wrote UTOPIA, because that is what Summer has always meant to me.....UTOPIA!!!!! ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!! PLAY LOUD and Share this with your friends!!!!!!


released June 2, 2016

All songs recorded and created by Paul Holder. All music, production, sounds (except vocal parts on tracks 4., 5., 8. : acapellas used with permission) and artwork by Paul Holder aka Global Crash under
No Sense Makes Sense Music/Productions Publishing Company (All rights reserved) 2016

Live booking, sound design, production work, remixes, dj services, art installation/gallery exhibit music and soundtrack music for plays/films/fashion shows, etc. : inquiries can be sent to globalcrash@yahoo.com








all rights reserved